The Changing Landscape of Writing in the Classroom

June 30, 2016

PEG Writing: Changing Landscape of WritingHave you had a chance to read the recent report from Education Week? If not, you should! Next Draft: Changing Practices in Writing Instruction examines how writing instruction has changed over time. There are great insights from teachers, including one instructor’s unexpected incorporation of hip hop into her curriculum and another’s defense of writing in the math classroom
While the push for more writing has been successful in some classrooms, the increased focus on writing more often and across curricula has presented its own set of challenges. Some teachers whose subjects haven’t previously incorporated much writing feel unprepared to provide solid, constructive feedback to their students. Other teachers wonder how they’ll have time to grade more essays. Luckily, challenges like these can be tackled head-on with programs like PEG Writing.
Let’s face it – not all teachers feel equipped to give students writing feedback. As a result, we’ve focused on developing a tool that can fill in some of those gaps.

PEG Writing: Changing Landscape of Writing

 PEG Writing returns instant, automatic feedback on every essay a student submits so teachers can focus on textual evidence or content accuracy, while the program helps with the mechanics of writing. When the entirety of this feedback is presented to students, they have a complete picture of how to improve their work with every draft.
PEG Writing can also relieve some of the burden of a teacher’s workload.  Throughout the school year, there are endless demands on teachers’ time. In the case of writing, adding extra assignments for students also means finding the extra time as a teacher to provide timely evaluation for continued growth. This is where PEG Writing, as a tireless teaching assistant, can again come to the rescue! The instant feedback allows students to write several 

PEG Writing: Changing Landscape of Writing

drafts before ever turning their work in to their teachers. Peer Review opens up even more opportunity for students to get quick feedback from their classmates. Lessons, which are categorized by skill level and writing trait, are recommended in each score report, so student writers know what to focus on to increase their scores. Best of all, all of this is available both in and out of the classroom. All you or your students need is an Internet connection and your log-on credentials!
PEG Writing isn’t the answer for everything. It won’t magically attend staff meetings or prepare your lunch for you, but it can provide the instructional support and flexibility needed to assist in the demands of the new world of writing.

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