Five Reasons YOU Should Be Using PEG Writing

June 23, 2016

Becoming a better writer is a skill that will follow students throughout their lifetimes, but getting students excited about practicing their writing can be a challenge.
How do you help reluctant writers practice their composition skills? One way is PEG Writing! PEG Writing is full of exciting tools for students and teachers alike. Today, we share five reasons YOU should be using PEG Writing in your classroom.
  1. Interactive lessons, engaging prompts, and reliable rubrics guide writing practice, helping all students excel
  2. Prepackaged and custom prompts provide subject ideas for all types of writing, keeping students engaged
  3. Stimulus materials, tutorials, and graphic organizers help students develop their ideas and think critically
  4. Immediate, reliable feedback lets students know how they are progressing, and what they can focus on to improve their skills
  5. Peer review allows students to ask for feedback from members of their group in a positive environment, speeding improvement

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