How Wild Is Your Pet Strawberry Contest Winners

June 1, 2016

A big thank you to all of those Texas students who participated in our PEG Writing How Wild Is Your Pet Strawberry? Writing Contest. We loved reading your essays! 
The winning class was Ms. Oliver's "6-1" 6th grade class from San Saba Middle School
Our superlative winner for Most Creative Essay is Wilson Spence from Ms. McNutt's 4th grade "4A" class at Linden-Kildare Elementary School. We've shared Wilson's essay below.
Once upon a time, there was a strawberry in a garden. He was mean, one day, somebody tried to pick him! His name was Bob. The strawberry stretched his neck, and bit his finger off!''RAGGGHH'' ! Said the strawberry. The strawberry jumped off the vine and said,''avenge me''! Then he ran off into the cornfields.
The next thing he knew he was in New York. He found himself in a Chinease restaurant. A chef picked him off of the floor and said, ''Dang it Tommy you dropped another one''! The furious man said. The strawberry thought fast. He bit the chef's arm and ran back into the city.
The next thing he knew he was in Walmart. He made his way to the fruit section.  He seen more strawberries. He said, ''come on brothers come with me to rule the world''! There was no reply. ''I said come with me to rule the world! It sounded like crickets chirping. ''Brothers?'' He opened the package. Brothers! Who did this to you? The only thing that came to the strawberry's mind was Bob. Speaking of Bob, there he was! He picked up the strawberry, and threw him in the trash. The end. 

That strawberry definitely went on an adventure! We can't wait to see what other adventures our students take us on during our next writing contest. Stay tuned!


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