PEG Writing in the Classroom: Curriculum-Based Prompt Development

November 16, 2015

PEG Writing in the Classroom

The PEG Writing team is always excited to hear from our users and learn more about how they are using PEG Writing in the classroom. Each month, we feature examples of student and teacher work in our PEG Writing in the Classroom posts. In these posts, we will recognize teachers who have shown an active engagement with PEG Writing and who have encouraged their students to go above and beyond with the program.

Terresa Fagan is our Texas Teacher of the Month. Ms. Fagan teaches 9th and 12th grade English, as well as Art to students in grades 9-12 at Woodsboro High School in Woodsboro, Texas. Ms. Fagan creates her prompts based on the curriculum being covered in each class. Students have been able to read and discuss literature and articles, then use a prompt to analyze and write about what is being read. Ms. Fagan appreciates the immediacy of the feedback from PEG Writing, as it allows students to quickly see which areas of their writing need attention. Best of all, students are enjoying the program, and their communication skills are improving.

Congratulations to Ms. Fagan!  

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