PEG Writing in the Classroom: Frankford Township School

February 7, 2014

PEG Writing in the Classroom

Our PEG Writing teachers are doing amazing things in the classroom! This week, we’d like to highlight one of those innovative educators.

Stephanie Guida, an eighth grade teacher at Frankford Township School in NJ, designed Building Better Paragraphs, a six-week prompt-based writing contest.  Armed with the promise of pizza and an afterschool movie and Ms. Guida’s fabulous list of transition words, sentence starters, and other writing strategies, student teams drafted, edited, and revised their essays using PEG Writing and watched their scores soar!

Ms. Guida, a first-year teacher, was pleasantly surprised with the results.  “They (the students) really got into using the resources I've been giving them to improve their writing and seeing those scores go up.” 

One student who had been struggling to improve his scores complained about PEG and how “she” wouldn’t raise his scores.  Ms. Guida reiterated the importance of incorporating various writing strategies and led him to her infamous box of Smiley Face Tricks.  After utilizing three suggestions from the box, the student returned beaming.  Referring to PEG, he exclaimed, “I beat her!  I got her to raise my score!” 

Ms. Guida commented that many of the students see PEG Writing as a contest in itself as they compete with the system and each other for better scores.

“This is a strategy I will use again in the coming days,” stated Ms. Guida.  “I am thrilled with the results.” 

Kudos to Stephanie Guida and her team of fighting Bulldogs!

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