PEG Writing in the Classroom: Keyboards Are The New Quills

March 15, 2016

PEG Writing in the Classroom

The PEG Writing team is always excited to hear from our users and learn more about how they are using PEG Writing in the classroom. Each month, we feature examples of student and teacher work in our PEG Writing in the Classroom posts. In these posts, we will recognize teachers who have shown an active engagement with PEG Writing and who have encouraged their students to go above and beyond with the program.

Rick Musemeche is our Texas Teacher of the Month. Mr. Musemeche teaches 10th and 12th grade Language Arts at Stamford High School in Stamford, TX. Students in Mr. Musemeche's class write extended responses weekly, usually on topics that are narrative or argumentative in nature. 

"With the advent of technology and the decline of the use of pens or pencils, the keyboard seems to be the new quill," says Mr. Musemeche. "The instant feedback [from PEG Writing] keeps the student involved a little longer and spurs them on to revise and edit more than they would with the conventional pen and paper."

Our Spotlight on Teachers winner this month is Miss Lindsay Harrison, a middle school Language Arts teacher at Lakeside Christian School in Clearwater, Florida. Miss Harrison's students use PEG Writing in various ways - a quarterly Creative Writing class, essay and report writing in ELA, and small inquiry-based writing projects.

"Initially, my students would groan when I mentioned PEG Writing, [but] after a few projects...their opinions genuinely changed," says Miss Harrison. Now, "students are often eager to start the writing process, and not-so-patiently wait to press submit to see their improved score."

Another perk of PEG Writing, according to Miss Harrison, is its responsiveness to students in larger class sizes. When a teacher's attention is divided among a large group of students, the assistance the students receive from computer-generated feedback and lessons is helpful, as is the ability for the student to leave a comment or question for the teacher to reference at their convenience. 

We love hearing how our users are using PEG Writing in their classrooms. Congratulations to our March teachers!

Do you have a PEG Writing success story that you would like us to share on the blog? Let us know!

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