PEG Writing in the Classroom: Minecraft and Writing

February 15, 2016

PEG Writing in the Classroom

The PEG Writing team is always excited to hear from our users and learn more about how they are using PEG Writing in the classroom. Each month, we feature examples of student and teacher work in our PEG Writing in the Classroom posts. In these posts, we will recognize teachers who have shown an active engagement with PEG Writing and who have encouraged their students to go above and beyond with the program.

Our Texas Teacher of the Month is Amy Tidwell, a teacher at Matagorda School in Matagorda, TX. Ms. Tidwell says she and her students enjoy using PEG Writing because of its benefits:

"The quickness of revising and the students actually seeing their writing in a timely manner are irreplacable."

Ms. Tidwell's students are engaged with PEG Writing and love to log on and see their writing take shape.

"PEG [Writing] will be a staple in my Language Arts program for a very long time."

Our Spotlight on Teachers winner this month is Melissa Harrison. Ms. Harrison teachers at White Oak Middle School in Texas. Ms. Harrison teaches two sections of Minecraft, during which students build a city and all of its details. 

You might ask - how does that relate to writing? 

"We use PEG Writing to write descriptive paragraphs, which leads up to an expository essay showing all the buildings that the students have built during the process," Ms. Harrison explains.

Ms. Harrison is a math teacher, so her use of Minecraft and PEG Writing together are a perfect example of how you can use these programs across the curriculum.

Congratulations to our February teachers!

Do you have a PEG Writing success story that you would like us to share on the blog? Let us know!

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