PEG Writing in the Classroom: Productive Writing Instruction

December 7, 2015

PEG Writing in the Classroom

The PEG Writing team is always excited to hear from our users and learn more about how they are using PEG Writing in the classroom. Each month, we feature examples of student and teacher work in our PEG Writing in the Classroom posts. In these posts, we will recognize teachers who have shown an active engagement with PEG Writing and who have encouraged their students to go above and beyond with the program.

Our Texas Teacher of the Month is Annette Jones. Mrs. Jones teaches PreAP English I and English IV at Martin High School. Because of PEG Writing, Mrs. Jones says her students walk into class ready to improve their writing scores.

"A student actually walked up today and said, 'Thanks, Mrs. Jones, for your suggestions. I am up to a 24.'"

Mrs. Jones says she appreciates the fact that all of her students can submit writing, receive immediate feedback, and begin revising before she even sits down to take a closer look at their essays. "Thanks to PEG Writing, writing instruction has been much more productive!"

Kari Shaw is our Spotlight on Teachers winner this month. Ms. Shaw uses PEG Writing with her 9th grade students, who all range from second to fifth grade reading levels. Ms. Shaw separates the students into two groups of ten; one group works directly with her on reading informational text with an emphasis on text stuctures, while the other group reads self-selected books for 15 minutes then works on PEG Writing assignments with a paraprofessional. Students complete one essay per week. Ms. Shaw and her students have set an "all 4 stars" goal for each essay, and the students use PEG Writing's lessons as well as suggestions from their teachers to improve their scores. 

Ms. Shaw says, "I have been very proud of my kids and found the number of revisions they are completing using the PEG system interesting, too." The students are "working so hard on their writing. The immediate feedback is crucial. Some of my students have submitted an essay over 30 times. They are very excited to see the number of “stars” they earn go up.  I love that I can watch their writing improve with each draft."

The PEG Writing team is excited as well, as we love to hear these success stories from our users. Congratulations to Mrs. Jones and Ms. Shaw!  

Do you have a PEG Writing success story that you would like us to share on the blog? Let us know!

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