PEG Writing in the Classroom: Writing Stations

January 22, 2016

PEG Writing in the Classroom

The PEG Writing team is always excited to hear from our users and learn more about how they are using PEG Writing in the classroom. Each month, we feature examples of student and teacher work in our PEG Writing in the Classroom posts. In these posts, we will recognize teachers who have shown an active engagement with PEG Writing and who have encouraged their students to go above and beyond with the program.

Our Texas Teacher of the Month is Janet Lopez, a 7th grade language arts teacher at the John Drugan School in El Paso, TX. 

“As my students continue to use PEG Writing, their writing has improved. My students found a challenge that they accepted, doing the best that they can do with their scores and most importantly their writing."
Ms. Lopez's students have started competing with each other to get the highest score in the class. After completing their drafts, her students review lessons to see what can be fixed in their writing.
"My students are getting a different point of view with their writing. Technology has been that hook that entices them to see their writing in a different form than they wouldn’t have seen before."
After reviewing the feedback in PEG Writing, Ms. Lopez's students "know which components they need to focus on.   Once my students see that their scores have improved, they jump for joy. That joy that students have is contagious and in turn makes other student strive to do their best with their own writing samples.”

Jenny Ainsworth is our Spotlight on Teachers winner this month. Ms. Ainsworth also teaches 7th grade language arts. She teaches at Big Walnut Middle School in Sunbury, Ohio. Last year, her students piloted the PEG Writing program; this year, both 7th and 8th grade students worked in the program. 

Of PEG Writing, Ms. Ainsworth says, "With our seventh graders, we utilize PEG Writing within stations. By doing so, students are in smaller groups and our teachers can conference individually with them to provide feedback and guidance during the writing process. Since students are given immediate feedback after submitting a piece of writing, these conferences allow our teachers delve deeper into content discussions with our students rather than conventions or writing.  We have used prompts provided through PEG, and created a few of our own for particular learning units.”

The students at Big Walnut Middle School have seen the quality of their writing drastically improve from the beginning to the end of the school year.  They are motivated during the writing process because, as Ms. Ainsworth says,  "they are provided with prewriting templates, immediate feedback, can access informative lessons to improve writing, and participate in peer editing opportunities.” 

Congratulations to our January teachers!

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