Resource Roundup: Thinking Outside the Box

April 16, 2014

Are your students feeling uninspired? Are you trying to find new and exciting ways to incorporate writing into the classroom? This week’s Resource Roundup encourages you to think outside the box in order to encourage students to write more.

·         Do any of your students have an interest in comic books? Use one of these six educational web-based tools that teach writing through comics.

·         Maybe some of your students like comics, but others enjoy movies. This article in Education Week highlights a teacher who is using movies to help her students reach the goals outlined in the CCSS for writing. Learn from her experience and then inspire your students with film!

·         Think Minecraft is just a game? Check out MinecraftEdu, a collaboration of teachers and programmers who are trying to bring this game into the classroom. The Minecraft Teacher, a blog written by a teacher who uses Minecraft in the classroom, offers advice and real-world examples of using this game with students.

· is a website and app that gives students the opportunity to choose different skills they’d like to acquire and then complete a project to learn those skills. Featured skills include botanist, frontend developer, and solar engineer, among others. Your students can pick a skill, master one of the challenges, and then share their experience in an essay. This is a great way to engage students by tapping in to their personal interests.

Are you looking for fresh, new ways to incorporate writing into the classroom? Do you need new ideas for stimulus material or prompt development? The PEG Writing Resource Roundup is your weekly post chock full of resources for writing in the classroom. Check back every Wednesday for new updates, or view our archive for previous suggestions!


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