White Papers

Read our white paper "Is It Live or Is It Memorex" to learn more about ever changing and exciting future of cognitive-based assessment, online assessment, widespread use of computer-adaptive testing, universal access to technology, and instantaneous reporting of test results.

With subsequent improvements in PEG and general advances in the reliability of machine scoring, artificial intelligence (AI) scoring has become a valuable, and in some cases, essential, tool in a variety of contexts. MI’s AI scoring engine, PEG, is currently in use in summative and formative assessments, and we are studying its use in computer adaptive assessments. Click on the link to read more about how PEG is being used.


Dr. Joshua Wilson, an assistant professor in the School of Education at the University of Delaware, has spent time studying teacher and student use of PEG Writing and its effect on writing skills. His findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal, Computers and Education. You can download a summary of his findings here.

Classroom Tools

The grammar and spelling feedback in PEG Writing provides students with a foundation for identifying areas of improvement in their writing. Check out these other grammar tools to help students practice, learn, and improve.

Our new and improved PEG Writing has many exciting features for teachers and students. Review our Release Notes for students to learn how the new release makes writing practice, feedback, and revision even easier!

Our new and improved PEG Writing has many exciting features for teachers and students. Review our Release Notes for teachers to learn how the new release makes incorporating writing into the classroom even easier!

This PEG Writing Insider's Guide shows you how to get started with PEG Writing and take advantage of some of the features in the program.

Are you looking for new prompts for your English language learners? Try these suggested prompts from PEG Writing. Broken down by grade level (3-5, 6-8, 9-12), these prompts are sure to inspire your ELL students.

Are you getting the most out of PEG Writing? 

The scoring engine in PEG Writing is based on a good faith essay. There are no tools in place to automatically check for plagiarism. However, you can use the following tools if you suspect a student is committing plagiarism.