What Can The Olympics Teach Us About Writing

August 10, 2016

Have you been watching the 2016 Olympic Games? So far, the United States is leading in total medal count, with 32, and gold medal count, with 11. Go team USA!

But there's more to the Olympics than medal count. There are many lessons to be learned from watching the world's top athletes compete (and dominate) in their sport. Even more specifically, we can take some of these lessons and apply them to writing.

Like what? you may ask.

Helping Your Reluctant Writers

February 24, 2016

There are many reasons students may be reluctant to write: some think they cannot write well, leading to frustration and an unwillingness to try. Other students may feel the pressure of getting a good grade, always trying to perfect their assignments. ELL students face the difficult task of building fluency in a language while trying to build their writing skills.
Luckily, there are several strategies you can use to encourage your reluctant writers to practice more and see improvement in their writing.

Collaboration and Reluctant Writers

April 8, 2015

Sometimes it takes just a little creativity to get reluctant writers to open up. These collaboration exercises will engage all students - reluctant and eager writers - and encourage them to work together toward a common goal.