Social Studies: Jefferson's Secret Message

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson requested that Congress fund an exploration of the West by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.  The request was secret, because the US did not own the territory.  Read the introductory article and the actual document, and then write an essay in response to Jefferson.  You may either support or deny his request. Be clear as to why your position is in the best interests of the US in 1803.  Remember that Jefferson would not have any information about the present US, and that the US was still a fledgling country.   Use information from the document, as well as your own knowledge of history to support your reasons.


Science: Effects of Pollution

Many communities have pollution problems with their air or water. Can you think of solutions to the problem of pollution in your community?  Write an essay describing how pollution affects your community and what can be done about it.  Use concrete details and examples from the article as well as your own knowledge and experience to support your ideas.



Arts & Other Subjects: Goya’s “Majas on the Balcony”

"Majas" means "elegant ladies" in Spanish. Take on the voice of one of the characters in this famous painting by Francisco de Goya.  What would your selected character be thinking? What are your character's thoughts of the other characters around them? What is your character experiencing?  Why are these people on the balcony?  Be descriptive as you recreate this famous scene in your own interpretation.