PEG Writing Teacher of the Year 2019


Image by Steve Riot from Pixabay

With more than 30 submissions, we close nominations for the PEG Writing Teacher of the Year. Our team has a lot to look over in the coming month and we are so thankful for all of our wonderful clients. Until we announce the winner in May, take a quick look at some of the nominees.

  • Denise T. of Oak Grove Upper Elementary, MS (grades 4-5): “Denise has shared PEG Writing with our district leaders and has encouraged principals at other schools to look into using this to aid in the publishing step of the writing process.” [Nominated by Mackenzie Huff]
  • Vincent O. of William Penn High School, DE (9th grade): “I don’t like to make a big deal out of data or scores, but the growth is amazing. The fact that I am able to get these kids to go back and fix things, not once or twice, but five or six times is a miracle in itself. I love it and the learning is real.”
  • Kevin H. of Manor New Tech High School, TX (9th grade): “Kevin has pioneered and streamlined a process by which he uses PEG Writing to give our scholars feedback on the mechanical and technical aspects of writing while he conducts one on one writing workshops with each scholar to dig deep on tone, theme, audience, and intent.” [Nominated by Bobby Garcia]
  • Jessica H. of Champion Middle School, OH (8th grade): “I convinced my building principal PEG was a worthwhile investment and we purchased it for all of our students in our 5-8 middle school. I personally provided professional development to all of our language arts teachers and have continued to help them use PEG to improve student writing.”
  • Chelsea Y. of Decker Middle School, TX (6th grade): “I use PEG on a weekly basis consistently with 6th graders. I get my students to peer review and track their progress after each writing assignment. I have already shared best practices with 2 other content area teachers in my grade level, one of which sat in my room and saw it in action!”

Thank you for your submissions and congratulations to all of our nominees! We look forward to announcing the winner next month.

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PEG Writing Teacher of the Year